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Backed by more than 50 years of academic rigor and an outstanding reputation as one of the area's top colleges, Roger Williams University offers more than a dozen graduate and certificate programs. Small classes taught by experienced faculty members lead to a personalized educational experience, 什么是RWU教育的核心. 你是否选择通过全日制的方式来追求你的教育, 课堂课程或兼职课程, online courses, RWU有一个适合你繁忙日程的项目.

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  • Architecture

    建筑学学位结合了严格的专业设计训练, history, 具有广泛的规划与技术文科教育. Our students have the opportunity to study Architecture in Europe and get their work critiqued by accomplished professionals through RWU’s one-of-a-kind Teaching Firm in Residence Program. 当你完成这个认证课程, 你将为下一步成为一名专业建筑师做好准备.

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  • 工商管理(MBA)

    Designed for RWU undergraduates or students with undergraduate business degrees from AACSB-accredited institutions, this accredited, one-year Master of Business Administration program offers a convenient and time-efficient way to earn your MBA. In just one year, 你将获得战略思维, problem solving and leadership skills to prepare you for the competitive business environment. The program combines classes in core business disciplines at our state-of-the-art Metro Campus in Providence with a required internship and international study to give you practical real-world experience both at home and on the global stage.

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  • Cloud Computing

    This intensive, career-oriented certificate prepares students to harness the power of innovative cloud technology to transform the future of digital infrastructure.

  • Construction Management

    The accredited undergraduate Construction Management program at RWU prepares future leaders of residential, 商业和公路建筑. Through classes, 实验室和工程实践项目, business, math, science, law and liberal arts, you’ll learn how to manage construction projects from start to finish -- including scheduling, budgeting, 选材和安全监督人员. That’s why construction employers regularly report that our graduates exceed expectations for performance. 研究生课程提供项目管理方面的高级课程, construction finance, law, 还有其他一些适合有抱负的建筑领导者的话题.

  • Criminal Justice

    RWU的跨学科刑事司法项目结合了警务课程, corrections and procedure with studies in the social sciences to introduce you to the theory and practice of criminal law and the moral complexity of the criminal justice system. Along with internships and the guidance of our faculty of experienced practitioners, 你将为从事执法等职业做好准备, 咨询和缓刑或进入研究生学习或法学院.

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  • Cybersecurity

    随着技术威胁在全球范围内持续增长, 对训练有素的网络安全专家的需求也在增加. RWU的网络安全学位结合了技术技能, situational management and problem solving to train you for a career in information security. 与行业专业人士合作创建, this cutting-edge program is taught online using virtual environments to simulate the operating systems that you’ll monitor on the job.

  • Cyberspecialist

    This graduate certificate explores the highly technical aspects of cybersecurity in areas of advanced cryptography, ethical hacking, penetration testing, and intrusion detection.



  • Digital Forensics

    在RWU学习不断发展的数字取证领域, 学生们在哪里学习如何解决像病毒这样的计算机犯罪, 数据破坏和财务欺诈. 你会发现调查人员是如何获取的, 分析和管理从计算机和移动设备收集的证据, 以及如何在法庭上呈上证据.



  • 法医心理健康咨询

    A two-year, full-time, 60 credit-hour program, the Master of Arts in 法医心理健康咨询 is designed for students who wish to provide mental health services in forensic or legal settings. Rooted in clinical practice, this program provides students with more than 200 hours of practicum work and 600 hours of internship experience. The Program also provides the appropriate foundation for future doctoral study in a Psy.D. program.​

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  • Leadership

    When you study Leadership at RWU, 你不仅仅是在你的沟通上投资, 谈判和问责技巧. Our Leadership students go on to create high-performance organizations that use creativity, 创新和即兴发挥,以适应我们全球化的新挑战, 21世纪科技世界. The dynamic leadership techniques and methods you learn through this program can help any organization succeed.

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  • Middle School Certification

    当你获得中学教师资格的时候, you’ll learn how to help students at this critical age build upon fundamentals learned in elementary school and prepare for high school. RWU’s Middle School Certification provides Elementary and Secondary Education graduates with additional tools to succeed in the middle school classroom, 包括如何建立课程, 指导学生并评估他们的发展.

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  • Preservation Practices

    作为美国最古老的历史保护项目之一, Preservation Practices at RWU couples multidisciplinary coursework in subjects like history, architecture, law and economics with rigorous field-based professional workshops and internships. 因为保护既关乎历史,也关乎人和地方, 你将学习历史建筑, 无论是新英格兰还是佛罗伦萨的风景和社区, Italy.

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  • Public Administration (MPA)

    独特设置在司法研究学院, RWU的公共管理课程强调问责制, transparency, ethics, privacy and participation -- values that will define your management career in government or nonprofits. By analyzing public policy, you’ll learn how to bring together diverse groups and find solutions to critical social issues, 准备你在包括医疗保健在内的广泛领域工作, environment, 筹款和国土安全.

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  • Public Management

    当你在RWU学习公共管理时, 您将获得成为公共部门经理的基础知识. 该项目提供一系列领域的课程, 从伦理和公法到拨款写作和项目评估. Whether you earn this certificate on its own or as part of the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree, 你会培养责任感的价值观, transparency, ethics, 隐私和参与是任何政府或非营利事业的核心.

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  • Real Estate

    The master's degree, graduate certificate, and minor offerings in Real Estate prepare students and professionals to embrace the full spectrum of real estate theory and practice in areas of design, finance, management, construction, regulatory affairs, environmental conditions, and social policy.

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  • Special Education

    The Master of Arts in Special Education program is designed to prepare teachers for supporting students of all abilities. 提供全职和兼职选择, the program provides flexibility for both recent graduates and working educators who seek additional licensure in elementary special education or secondary special education.



  • Urban and Regional Planning

    城市研究生证书 & Regional Planning provides students with the option of deepening knowledge of urban, regional, and community planning principles and processes that will complement existing skills and knowledge.

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